Sue Russell is an award-winning journalist and the co-author of "The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art" with artist Elizabeth Williams. She is also the author of "Lethal Intent," a fact crime biography of executed serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

"The Illustrated Courtroom", which has won a dozen awards and honors, showcases the beautiful artwork of five award-winning court artists -- artists who go where cameras can't. It includes 140 pieces from many historic trials with defendants including Jack Ruby, the Black Panthers, "Son of Sam", Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, 1993 World Trade Center bomber Mohammed Salameh, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and disgraced financier Bernie Madoff. It is available in eBook and paperback.

The fully updated edition of "Lethal Intent" (2013) became a Pinnacle Books "True Crime Classic" in 2010. It covers Wuornos's eleven years on Death Row, her execution and her legacy and is available in paperback and eBook.

Lethal Intent was first published in the U.S. in 2002. It was originally published in the UK and Australia in 1993 as "Damsel of Death". Sue, who covered Aileen Wuornos' 1992 trial, was present when Aileen received her first, second, third and fourth death sentences and found hearing a judge sentence Aileen to die an incredibly chilling experience.

Digging deep into the life of one of America's rare female serial killers consumed Sue for two years. The result: a classic book as relevant now as then. "The Illustrated Courtroom" is also dear to her heart and represents a years' long collaboration with artist Elizabeth Williams.

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